• Responsive clean design
  • Mobile friendly sorting
  • Create hierarchy
  • Mutiple insertions of card
  • Analytics
  • Export results to .csv

Card sorting is a quick and easy way to design an information architecture, workflow, menu structure or website navigation paths.

Use card sorting to find out how people think your content should be organised and get the user insights you need to make informed information architecture decisions.

WeCaSo provides you the possibility to create and to perform online Card-Sortings

Hierarchy Enabled

Turn on Subgroups and capture multiple levels of card placement. This feature allows participants to nest items and create group of cards.

Multiple Insertions

Possibility of having items in more than one category. Participants duplicate items and place them in as many number of categories they think the card fits in.

Enhanced Dashboard

The well arranged project administration provides you a modern dashboard interface with capabilities such as experimental analytics,language management .etc